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Whalse offers premium crypto signals starting for low prices
Signals give 3X - 10X returns every day
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Almost 100% win rate 🎉
Amongst the top 3 in crypto industry with 250k+ community and 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot

Automated Trading done the right way by whalse

No Work
Unlike the rest. There is no software or bot to install. Instead, whalse directly connects to your exchange and manages it.
Your crypto remains in your exchange only. Whalse can not transfer or withdraw. Trading happens right in your exchange.
Safe & Profitable
Whalse manages your funds and use it with safety as top priority. From Risk management to trading. It's all on us..
$ Auto Trading
Signals ROI
Auto trade ROI

Mega and safe gains - both ways

Mega Gains Strategy
Crypto signals usually give 3x - 10x returns everyday with almost a 100% win rate. Trade the way you want.
Safe Profit Strategy
Automated trading is very safe and fully managed by whalse. Over a million dollars is already managed.
Combination works the best

Automated crypto trading

Whalse offers crypto trading which is fully automated. It is free and comes along with signals subscription.

You just have to send API and trading starts. This step just takes a few minutes and our support will be connected with you. Automated trading is designed to give consistent returns. Those mega returns can also be achieved but through our signals.

Crypto signals that actually works

10 - 15 signals are sent weekly on WhatsApp. Our signals have almost 100% win rate since our launch. Most users recover entire year subscription in just a day. Signals are traded manually by you and so the risk management is all yours. You can make decent returns while trading safely or mega return by trading aggressively. Depends on your trading style and risk taking capacity. Signals work awesome.
Potential Daily Returns
Monthly Gains

Create more  wealth with less effort.

Signals comes with automated crypto trading
Automated trading and premium crypto signals combination works awesome. Whalse make sure automated trading generates safe returns while from signals you have the chance to make massive gains. Whalse have huge funds to manage in auto trade so our top priority there is not to give mega returns but consistent and safe profits.
Why Whalse is so amazing?
Signals sent are of high quality. We are top experts.
Use of custom tools, advanced strategies and AI.
Heavily invest for maximum win rate and quality.
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Stay updated in your app
You can monitor and stay updated in your exchange's app always.
Cryptos are in your control
Safe and profitable
Auto trading service makes sure you are profitable in every market condition.
More gains in bear market
#1 Automated Crypto Trading & Signals Provider

Why choose  Whalse

We are proud to confirm you that whalse is the only signals provider with mega returns and almost 100% win rate
Features included :
Signals with highest win rate by far
Both long and short signals
Monthly subscription for low price
Transparency and open communities
High quality trades fully automated
Whalse do manual + algo + AI
Risk management is done by whalse
24/7 chat + social networks support
Features included :
Poor signals and scams mainly
Mostly one sided signals
Overpriced monthly subscription
Manipulation of results for sales
No automated crypto trading
Algo trading alone never works
Risk management is on your shoulders
Poor to no support after sales

Everything is included in just one whalse subscription

Crypto Signals
10 - 15 high quality long and short signals almost weekly.
Market Updates
Whalse update you regarding market so that you know what to do next.
Just relax while your crypto grows without any efforts.

Most popular plan is Yearly

Premium Yearly plan includes automated trading alongwith premium signals. Automated trading is outstanding and next level convenient
Premium Signals & Market Updates
Signals only plan
10 - 15 signals weekly
Long and short signals
Market updates
100x potential monthly returns
24/7 support on all social networks
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All crypto accepted🎉
Premium Signals & Market Updates
signals quarterly plan
10 - 15 signals weekly
Long and short signals
Market updates
100x potential monthly returns
24/7 support on all social networks
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All crypto accepted🎉
Premium Signals & Market Updates
Signals Yearly Plan
10 - 15 signals weekly
Long and short signals
Market updates
100x potential monthly returns
24/7 support on all social networks
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All crypto accepted🎉
Premium Yearly
Signals + Automated Trading
Everything in free:
Fully automated trading
Spot & futures both automated
Premium crypto signals
Market updates
100x monthly signals ROI
Up to 2.5x monthly on auto
25% commission only
24/7 chat and social support
Per Year
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All crypto accepted🎉

Frequently asked  questions

Do you offer a trial?

We do offer a monthly plan which includes signals. You can try our quality with signals package for a very low fee. Free trial is unfortunately not offered for the sole reason that it requires heavy time and costs on every individual. We do not want our efforts to be misused.

Which payment methods are supported?

When you checkout you will see many crypto currencies available as payment options. In case you want to pay from any other crypto. Simply message us on the live chat or any social network and will collect payment there. Order will be processed by us instantly. Apart from crypto. We're unable to accept any other payment ways due to strict regulations for us as a crypto business. Getting payment processor is very difficult but we are working on this  and maybe in the future we will be able to offer several payment options.

Where is commission applied?

Earnings from signals are yours and there is no commission whatsoever. Yearly premium plan includes an additional service 'automated trading'. If you opt for automated trading (which by the way most users do) you have to send us 25% commission if you have yearly plan and only from profit.

How is commission calculated?

Commission is only applied on automated trading. Earnings from signals has no commission. From the profit only from automated trading. You have to send us commission after month ends and from profit only. Please do note that we do not cover subscription fee. This is paid for signals mainly. So commission starts right away from first gains (paid monthly).

How signals and automated trading goes?

Signals are sent on WhatsApp as a direct message and is to be traded by you manually. You can make real massive gains like 10x a day too. Risk is yours. However, stay assured our signals have nearly 100% win rate. So the quality is there for sure. Whereas auto trading service is designed to be very safe. Usually 25% - 50% ROI per month is expected. As Whalse manages a huge amount and  funds are yours. We do not try for those instant mega gains here but rather trade in a very safe manner to remain consistently profitable.

Are my funds safe in automated trading?

Whalse collects your API through which all trades happen from your own exchange account. For example your Kucoin account. Whalse DO NOT have your funds or access to it. We only have the ability to trade. API is created from your exchange and it is a 2 minutes process. Simple, safe and fully automated while you maintain complete control.

Reviews from customers using whalse services

“Awesome to be a part of Whalse services. I purchased all of their bots, signals and other services and can assure they're honest and provide true results. Win rate is really 100%. Enjoying foreign trip from my crypto profits”
Allan Boland
“I have been with these guys since 2 years now when they were very small with roughly 100 members. Been supporting them since my instinct was they are on the right path. Happy customer and they value me a lot as a mentor”
Caesar aka Sigczr
“From being a newbie to making profit on crypto, This is the story of my life with Whalse. I love they way they respond to customers. I just pray they continue in this way. Been with them since 2021 and very happy so far”
Richard Udoka
“Good on you , whalse is very reliable software to use, and customer service is fantastic. After my first experience, recommended them to my friends and they are all now customers of whalse and using their automated services”
Bilal Sarwar

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