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Learn crypto trading from the ones who actually have almost 100% win rate.
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More easier to understand.
Shorter and to the right points only.
Almost 100% win rate in our signals.
“Very happy that I purchased their top tier course. I purchased several courses before too and watched YouTube a lot but have to be honest. Only this course made me realise how simple trading is. Rest are over complicating those little things. ”
Steve McQuillen

Become an expert in no time with whalse trading course

Secret Strategies
Learn the secret ways through which whalse experts manage to have an unbelievable 100% win rate consistently.
Special Indicators
Whalse have special indicators that really works with the knowledge you get in this course.
Top Experts
We know this industry better than anybody else. Become an expert within days only and not years.

Technical analysis  and fundamental analysis both are included

Basic Technical analysis course

Basic course covers most important aspects of trading. You can easily read the market and predict the next move of any coin.

More worth than others expert courses
More simple and to the point
Expert Level : Technical Analysis

Learn about the secret tools, indicators, strategies, analysis and how to implement them for almost 100% win like us.

More valuable than any other course.
Win rate can be expected from you.
Expert Level : Fundamental Analysis

Get to know about special and important tools, news, apps and sources for doing fundamental analysis and how to use it for perfection.

More valuable than any other course.
Win rate can be expected from you.
Expert Level : Other Important Factors

Funding rates, liquidations, long and shorts ratio, public stance and other factors and data you must know for whalse level win rate.

More valuable than any other course.
Win rate can be expected from you.

You can do it and be an expert within days

Technical Analysis Expert
You will know how to use trading view efficiently. Use of indicators, tools and strategies.
Overall Trading Expert
Apart from technical analysis. You need other smart tools to be a real expert. We will let you know.
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What's included in whalse course?

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You can become a trading expert within days with our trading course

To start trading and be efficient you must first know how to use tradingview in detail. This course teaches you this.
Fundamental analysis
Course teaches you how to know fundamentals and best tools, apps and sources to gather data.
Technical analysis
The way whalse teaches you technical analysis is super simple yet mega profitable. We know it the best.
Right sources
Without knowledge of all valuable sources. Its impossible to be an expert. We cover this area well.
Special indicators
Some popular, some secret but more importantly whalse will let you know which way to use it and when.
Special techniques
There is a hard way and a smart way. You will be amazed to see how easy things become with our smart ways.
Risk management
A very important part of crypto trading to remain consistently profitable. We have it covered well.
Accurate points
You will also understand when to take the trade, when to avoid and how much to invest and everything related.

Why from  Whalse?

We show results practically everyday through signals and automated trading which others cannot
Features included :
Almost 100% win rate since ever
Top experts have designed the course
Precise and to the point
Special apps, tools and indicators
Technicals + Fundamentals + Others
Tradingview lessons for efficiency
Other Courses
Features included :
No actual results and selling dreams
Fake gurus who usually compile stuff
Confusion and unnecessary details
Do not have such details themselves
Mainly technicals only
Do not teach the most important thing

Whalse has a 5⭐️ rating and super happy users

Amongst top 3 in crypto rated by
IN Crypto trading
Conductor is a technology company a passion for helping you help your customers. Marketers use our software and services to create
Series-A  funding
Conductor is a technology company a passion for helping you help your customers. Marketers use our software and services to create
Series-A  funding
Conductor is a technology company a passion for helping you help your customers. Marketers use our software and services to create
Series-A  funding

Find a plan that's right  for you

To start
Tradingview basic, advance and smart techniques
Price action, support resistance, trend lines etc
Moving averages and important indicators use
Other special resource found nowhere else
Get a head start to understand advanced course
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Become an expert
Project analysis, tokenomics, investments etc
Candle sticks, patterns, breakouts, divergences etc
Indicators, tools, apps, secret sources, news etc
Strategies, risk management and other valuables
Basic course material is also included fully
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Frequently asked  questions

Do you offer a trial?

You have our results everywhere in social networks. In case you're not aware of our outstanding quality. We do offer a monthly plan which includes signals. You can try our quality with signals package for only $49. Free trial is unfortunately not offered for the sole reason that it requires heavy time and costs on every individual. We do not want our efforts to be misused. Once satisfied, go ahead with the course.

Which payment methods are supported?

When you checkout you will see many crypto currencies available as payment options. In case you want to pay from any other crypto. Simply message us on the live chat or any social network and will collect payment there. Order will be processed by us instantly. Apart from crypto. We're unable to accept any other payment ways due to strict regulations for us as a crypto business. Getting payment processor is very difficult but we are working on this  and maybe in the future we will be able to offer several payment options.

Difference between basic and advanced?

The difference is huge, to be precise. However, you can not go to a college until you have done your schooling. Similarly basic course creates a strong base so that you can easily grasp the advanced one. Advanced course package includes both basic and advance level stuff.

Can I upgrade anytime?

Ofcourse! You will get 20% discount coupon whenever you plan to upgrade.

Is basic course enough?

It is enough to understand how trading works and you can also take trades but win rate will be more based on luck rather accuracy. To ensure you get win rate like us and truly profit from trading. You need our advance course too. We teach you each and everything whalse and whales themselves do. After that, win rate will be based on your knowledge and trades will be taken with confidence.

What happens after payment?

You will see a properly organised course in your account area with relevant supporting materials included. In case you have any query or face some issue with the order. We're available 24/7.

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Our support team is available across all social networks. Simply message us there or connect with us on live chat here on the website.

Let whalse  teach you what real whales do.

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